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The Kneeland Fire Protection District
Providing emergency response to Kneeland and surrounding areas
for over 25 years.

Kneeland District voters approved the  Kneeland Fire Protection District August, 1990.  The  District  is a rural
volunteer fire department that supports 10-12 volunteer fire fighters who respond to an average of 30 calls per
year, including structure fires, vehicle accidents, wild land fires, medical-aid and hazardous situation calls.  
The District  response area is approximately 38 square miles,  but also serves nearly a 90 square mile buffer
zone response area.  The out of  District response areas  consists of parts of  Maple Creek, Butler Valley, Fickle
Hill and Bridgeville buffer zones.  
Kneeland Fire Protection District has formal mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire departments.

                   Providing on-call Emergency Response 24-7

Kneeland is a tight knit agricultural community rich with local history.  Located 30 minutes from Eureka or Arcata,  
Kneeland is well
known for it’s redwoods, rolling hills, spectacular open pastoral views, and fertile farm land.

The Kneeland Fire Protection District was officially formed on August 11, 1990  by district voters.  Although,  the
volunteer fire department actually began in the mid 1980’s as local volunteers realized the need as the
community began developing  during the housing boom, and the  emergency responders long response time " if
available"  from neighboring communities.

The District response area is approximately 38 square miles. The out of District response area consists of buffer
zones surrounding  the community of Kneeland which encompasses areas of Freshwater, Maple Creek, Fickle
Hill,  Bridgeville, Butler Valley and Showers  Pass.   The response time within the response area varies from five
to twenty minutes.  In the out of  District  areas response times can take over thirty minutes in some areas.  

Although the District is responsible for structural fire protection, the California Department of Forestry ( CAL-Fire
)   retains responsibility for grass and forest fires within the boundaries of the District known as the SRA.   

Presently, the Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department  responds from  6201 Greenwood Heights Drive, Kneeland.

Ten-twelve volunteer fire fighters respond to an average of  thirty calls per year, including medical-aid, structure
fires, vehicle accidents, wild land fires, off road rescues, hazardous, and storm events.  District fire apparatus
and volunteer fire fighters are dispatched via the county 911 system at the CAL-FIRE  dispatch center in Fortuna
by pagers and electronic "text" messaging 24-7.

The Kneeland Fire Protection District's progress in the 30 years of the department's history is due to the
dedication of the citizens of Kneeland, volunteer firefighters, board members and axillary, past and present, who
have selflessly volunteered their time, finances and at times their well being to protect others.   
The Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department Objectives:

To provide emergency medical response & fire suppression services 24-7
To supplement the efficiency of Wildland Fire response and Cal-Fire
To advocate for public safety and community fire prevention education
To provide a venue for community meetings, activities and events
To preserve the history of the Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department.

Contact Information
Kneeland Fire Protection District
6201 Greenwood Hts Dr
Message Phone - 707 442-3252
E-mail -

In case of EMERGENCY DIAL 911