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Kneeland Fire Chief:
Rick Hardin talks about the need for a firehouse.

Why does The Kneeland Fire
Protection District need a firehouse?
Apparatus Storage:

Of course to be able to provide these services you need equipment!  Fire engines, rescue equipment, medical equipment
and support equipment.
Kneeland Fire presently has three fire/rescue apparatus. Each one although 25 years and older would cost over $20,000.
to $40,000.  each  for like (used) equipment to replace. This of course does not take into account the $140,000. in
equipment to outfit the trucks to be able to respond.
Kneeland Fire over the last 5-7 years has invested heavily into state of the art personal protective gear for our firefighters,
new breathing apparatus(SCBA’s), low angle over the side rescue gear, AED heart defibrillator and firefighting equipment.
For many years our fire trucks and equipment have simply been stationed at volunteers residence at different locations
subject to weather, deterioration and costly maintenance expenses. Recently, Eureka City Schools donated the old wood
bus garage at our site to house one of our engines.
For the department to survive not only financially but respectfully for years to come we as a community must address this
problem. Kneeland needs a Firehouse.  It is now the time to move forward. After all the firehouse is for our community their
families and our future.

Training Facility:

Kneeland Fire has come a long way since the mid 1990’s. Since we are a legitimate Fire Protection District of Humboldt
County and from time to time receive equipment federal or state grants, along with that are responsibilities in training our
volunteers with structured and standardized training programs. In today’s world with all the new hybrid motor vehicles,
increasing new residential  construction regular training is important in order to insure the safety of firefighters and a
positive response.  At present our volunteers train 3-4 times pr. month during spring to fall until the weather turns bad then
missing about 3 months of important trainings during winter due to no place to train. In order for us to maintain a well-
trained and strong volunteer force we need a firehouse.

Community Response Area:

Kneeland is one of those rural areas that may find itself on its own  for several days following a major disaster. Several
years ago around Christmas Kneeland experienced a 100 mile pr. hour wind storm. Trees were down, homes were
damaged power was out for two weeks. Roads in all directions were closed for days, many had nowhere to go. During the
Japan earthquake and Tsunami families were evacuated from Eureka to Kneeland looking for a safe zone.

Be it a devastating winter storm or if seismologist are correct and northern California experiences a large earthquake in
the future residents could find themselves again stranded. Our firehouse proposal could provide many residents
temporary shelter, drinking water, emergency food and warmth. The time for us to come together as a community is now.
Let’s build this firehouse together. After all it is our responsibility and the future of our community.    

How to Donate:   

The good news is we are half way to our $120,000.00 goal.  We have a great fund raising chairman. Our volunteers are
excited and working hard. Your Volunteer Firefighters are here for you in time of need 24-7.  Before our equipment
becomes a victim of mother nature please send your donation.  Thank You for your support.

Donations can be made and earmarked for the Kneeland Fire Protection District
Firehouse building fund  directly to the:
Humboldt Area Foundation
Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department
Firehouse Project
The foundation to a dream.
Thanks to former Kneeland
Fire Chief Greg Fitch. His
tireless effort and vision were
the beginnings of the Kneeland
Fire Station;  

Former Chief Greg Fitch

workin' forms;

Foundation team takes time for photo

meeting of the minds

Pouring the foundation

Big job but great view


A Safeguard for the Kneeland Community:

Many of us who move to rural communities are more than aware of the
challenges that rural living can present.  From water supplies to septic tanks
and frequent winter power outages. Although living in a rural community
such as Kneeland, Ca. can have a few downsides   most of us prefer the
rural lifestyle and many would trade with us at the drop of a hat.
Having said that, emergency services such as fire and medical response  
can be quite a wait.
If there was no Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department...,,,
Fire departments out of Eureka or Arcata  may respond but since Kneeland is out of their district they would respond as  
an “as available aid response”.  Cal-Fire may respond with available units out of Fortuna or Trinidad (45 minutes to an
hour).  So as you can see Kneeland Fire Protection District is the first choice responding agency for structure fires,
wildland fires, medical aid calls, vehicle accidents  and hazardous situations within our district.   
Home owners insurance companies could refuse “fire” insurance or charge an outlandish  rate if there was no Kneeland
Fire Protection District. Medical-aid calls could go un-answered until an ambulance arrived, structure fires, vehicle
accidents and wild land fires would be at the “as available” responses from  outlining communities. So is the Kneeland
Volunteer Fire Protection District important asset to our community….you bet. Not only to keep insurance fees  at check
but peace of mind for community residents as well.