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Mike Davis -  President
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Lindsay Green
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Secretary /FIREWISE

Bob Phipps
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Elizabeth (Betsy) Watson
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Francis (Bud) Culbertson

Kneeland Fire Protection District
6201 Greenwood Hts Dr
Kneeland, CA  95549

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Rick Hardin

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The Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department was formed for the purpose of
providing fire protection, emergency medical-aid and first responder
response as well as mutual aid response.

Although the District is responsible for structural fire protection,  the
California Department of Forestry (CAL-FIRE)  retains the responsibility
for grass and forest fires within the boundaries of the Kneeland Fire
District called the SRA.  Kneeland Fire responds to these incidents as a
mutual-aid first responder.  

The Kneeland Fire Protection District provides a range of structural and
wildland fire protection, hazardous conditions, medical aids and vehicle
accidents. Presently,  the District is in the process of constructing a
community fire station at 6201 Greenwood Heights Drive, Kneeland.

Ten volunteer fire fighters respond to an average of 30-35 calls a year
.District fire apparatus and volunteer fire fighters are dispatched by
CAL-FIRE Dispatch center located in Fortuna, Ca. via the county 911
system  All KFPD volunteers carry call pagers.

The District response area is approximately 38 square miles. KFPD also
responds to "Out of District"  response areas which consists of buffer
zones surrounding  the community of Kneeland.  The response time
within the district varies from five to twenty minutes and as much as  
thirty minutes in outlying areas.

Kneeland Fire Protection District board members are the governing board
for KFPD.

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